Friday, October 2, 2015

Free Day - The Cat of Bubastes

Hello again! I apologize for the recent lack of new posts, due to the fact that I was focusing on my book, The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, which is the topic of today's post. But before we get started, how about THREE jokes?

1. How can you tell if an elephant is owned by a mobster?

There's a dead body in the trunk.

2. Which of Shakespeare's plays is about a dog?

Hamlet, because he was a great Dane.

3.Why do dogs bark at people?

To give them a ruff time.
The Cat of Bubastes starts off with a war between Egypt and Rebu, which is where young Amuba is prince. During the second-to-last battle of the war, his father is killed, leaving no certain king, since Amuba is too young. The next battle proves to be the last, as the Egyptian find an innovative way to get over Rebu's walls. Amuba and his good friend and companion, Jethro, both are captured and enslaved, and are sent on a treacherous journey to Egypt. They are placed under the care of a kind priest named Ameres. Ameres had 3 children: Neco, Mysa  (later Amuba's wife), and Chebron (Amuba's best friend). 

For a while, all is peaceful, until Neco is murdered, and Chebron accidentally kills the designated sacred cat of Bubastes. Then, all hell breaks loose, and Amuba, Jethro, and Chebron need to rescue Mysa and her maid/best friend Ruth (later Chebron's wife) from some villains.The villains, Ptylus and Plexo, are killed, and they can decide their course of action without delay. They then all flee to Rebu, where they lead an uprising, where Amuba is restored as the rightful king.

Thank you for returning to School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!) after a brief interruption to posting, and have a good day!
(By the way, my jokes are from the book How to be the Funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World (Or Just In Your Class) by Jay Leno)

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