Curriculum Notes


A Note from Nick's Mom--

We've been down this road before -- homeschooling. It is not easy and it is not for everyone. I have two children-- both so smart & with different gifts. Both have extremely different learning styles, too.

I used to laugh at the thought of being a homeschooling mom. If someone would say the word "homeschooling", I would envision a woman in a long prairie dress on a farm trying to shield her kids from modern technology. Homeschooling was first thrust upon us first in October 2013.

Our older son has Mild High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (it was recently referred to as Asperger's) and has a hard time navigating social cues. After a bullying incident at school, we withdrew him and opted to homeschool him, with plans for him to continue at a private school. We thought it would be best, so that was the route we took last year.

A traditional school environment is not for every child. Our younger son thrives in such an environment. Our older child does not.

I thought I'd share some curriculum notes and then start the blog so my son can have daily writing exercises that he will enjoy. Writing is his least favorite task, so I am hoping he will eventually fall in love with the written word.

I spent several weeks researching and planning our homeschool curriculum. I wanted to, of course, make sure  we are meeting state standards. That said, I want a well-rounded education that stimulates my son's mind and keeps him excited about learning. Take your time to do some research -- there are so many amazing free programs out their through colleges and universities!

Patriotism & Citizenship

Primary Resources:

Iowa Presidential Caucuses, Online interactive course via Coursera, Iowa State University 

FIRST! Understanding New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary, Online interactive course via Coursera, University of New Hampshire

Bill of Rights Institute-

Documentaries and Podcasts:

This American Life 424: Kid Politics
The War Room
By the People: The Election of Barack Obama


Primary Resources:

Glencoe 7th Grade Life Science textbook
Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology, Online interactive course via Coursera, University of Alberta

ELA (Reading, Writing, Spelling, and the English Language):

Primary Resources:

KISS Grammar
Daily Reading of a wide range of genres
The Poetry Friday Anthology (Gr. 6-8, Common Core Edition)
Brainstorming, implementation, and upkeep of school-related blog for daily writing exercises

Mathematics & Computer Science

Primary Resources:

Khan Academy 7th Grade Math
IXL, 7th Grade Math
Introduction to Computer Science, Online interactive course via Courseera, Stanford University
Programming for Everybody (Python), Online interactive course, University of Michigan


Primary Resources:

Introduction to Music Theory, Online interactive course, Berklee College of Music

NPR Classics for Kids-- weekly podcasts featuring the works of the composers; we will be using the corresponding worksheets as well.


Independent study on world religions with reading of The Belief Book by David McAfee

The Ancient Greeks, Online course, Wesleyan University via Coursera

Physical Education:

Karate 3 days per week and daily exercise of choice outside (weather permitting) and indoors (inclement weather) at home