Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Geometry & Bug Request

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of this blog! I'm Nick and I will be your host today, as always.

Today's "lesson" is on high school Geometry on IXL, such as inscribed and circumscribed triangles of circles. I recently was constructing triangles, squares and hexagons inside of circles, just like Aristotle did. I also have earned 15 outer-space-related awards(Sun, Titan, Earth, Gas Giant, New Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Pluto, Space Capsule, Satellite, Astronaut, Elliptical Galaxy, Orion, Telescope, Mercury, and Asteroid), as well as mastered 16 skills.

Another thing is that I just would like to announce that, if you were unaware before, I do accept requests to identify miscellaneous insects, arachnids, slugs, and worms. If you have an unusual worm, or slugs that you are willing to part with, I am interested in collecting and interbreeding worms/slugs to create new hybrids that haven't been discovered yet. Then I can make a name for myself in the scientific community as soon as I can! Of course, I would say that I couldn't have done without you if I use a worm that you sent in. I also would split the profits with you if there are any. 

Thank you all for visiting School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!) today, and I hope to see you soon! 

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