Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Programming Android Apps, And Rubies Too!

Hello and welcome to this post on my blog! The subject of this day is my new programming course.

In my new programming course through the University of Maryland, College Park, Dr. Adam Porter teaches students the fundamentals of making an app for Android devices (i.e. phones, tablets, etc.). He teaches you how to use an "emulator" to "make" a virtual device (again, i.e. phones, tablets, etc.), as well as making a simple app, at least in the first 3 videos of part 1. In order to emulate and design apps, you need to install the Android Developer app, and you can only do it on phones (I think so, anyway).

Also, I will be starting a new course using the Ruby computer language. I have used JavaScript and Python, but I have never used Ruby. Sure, I'd heard of it, but never actually used the language itself. I predict that Ruby will be similar to Python and/or JavaScript, but different as well. I imagine that the "reserved words" (see here about the Python ones) will be different, even though they have similar functions, but that there will be some unique things about it as well. Like what, you ask? I have no idea, but I expect them to be dazzling, like a well-polished Ruby! *wink*

Thanks for your attendance to today's School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!) post today, and I hope to gain it again soon!

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