Friday, October 16, 2015

Spinosaurus: Bigger Than A Tyrannusaurus?!?!

Welcome to today's post on Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Egyptian spined lizard in Latin) and Spinosaurus maroccanus (Moroccan spined lizard), but mainly the aegyptiacus.

The genus of Spinosaurus includes the biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever to walk the planet: the aegyptiacus, discovered by one Ernst Stromer of Germany. Found in the Sahara Desert, the
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was discovered in 1912 by one of Stromer's associates, and Stromer named it three years later, in 1915. Up until 2014, that was the only Spinosaurus skeleton ever discovered. Unfortunatly, however, an Allied bombing raid destroyed the museum, as well as the skeleton, in WWII. 

In a documentary called Bigger Than A T. Rex by Nova and National Geographic, however, another archaeologist discovered another Spinosaurus specimen, 40% preserved, with blood vessels intact as well. Using digital reconstruction technology, as well as other similar dinosaur examples, the scientists got a pretty good idea of how Spinosaurus looked when it lived 95 million years ago. It was over 50 feet long, at least 9 feet longer than the longest Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. Just one thing was wrong: it lived with too much predatory competition. Or did it? Further study revealed that Spinosaurus were most likely piscovores, or fish-eaters.

Thank you for viewing this edition of School Storie (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!), and I hope you learned a thing or two about Spinosaurus!

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