Thursday, October 8, 2015

Worms and Books

Hello and welcome to this edition of School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!)! Today is a duel topic day, just like yesterday was.

The first topic for today is worms! As some of you know, I love to find worms, slugs, and other assorted critters to put into my "Critter Container". There are two species that can be found in my backyard: a skinny small one and the generic earthworm (If you have a different one that you don't mind parting with, I would love it!).

 I even have some albino worms (they may be grubs) and slugs! Worms have seven hearts and two "heads", so they regenerate another head in a matter of minutes if they are cut in half. If the division is across one of its hearts, it bleeds and may die. The worm in the bottom left corner of the picture has been injured, it looks like. I am not sure if it will live. I think it will, but it depends on if it regenerates its head quickly enough. It probably got stuck in a hole, as in it burrowed down and there was rock in its way and possibly another rock on the other side and tried to get through -- and it could get through, but got caught and wound up getting separated across one of its hearts. This is my guess on what caused its injury.

The other topic is my visit to Barnes & Noble Booksellers. I got a rare Doctor Who collectible item, a book that just came out, and the ultimate guide for the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, which I am a huge fan of.

The new book is The Sword Of Summer by Rick Riordan, which is the first in a new series (called Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard) that is about Norse mythology in the real world. The collectible item is the Twelfth Doctor's sonic screwdriver, which I really wanted. It lights up, emits sounds just like the real thing, and even extends! If only it could open locks and do other functions...

I thank you for joining me for this edition of my blog, and I hope to see you tomorrow!

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