Friday, September 25, 2015

The New Irondequoit Public Library

Today my mom and I visited the new Irondequoit Public Library on the corner of Titus Avenue and Kings Highway. It just opened a little while ago, and this was my first visit there.

This library has two floors. We picked up a total of thirteen books there: The Genius Files: License To Thrill by Dan Gutman; Magicalamity by Kate Saunders; Villain School: Good Curses Evil by Stephanie S. Sanders; The Misadventures of Edgar & Allen Poe: The Tell-Tale Start by Gordon McAlpine; The Misadventures of Edgar & Allen Poe: Once Upon A Midnight Eerie by Gordon McAlpine; My Zombie Hamster by Havelock McCreely; Game Over, Pete Watson by Joe Schreiber; Our Fifty States by Mark H. Bockenhauer and Stephen F. Cunha; Shakespeare Stories by Leon Garfield; Giants of Science: Isaac Newton by Kathleen Krull; Case File 13: Zombie Kid by J. Scott Savage; Case File 13:Making The Team by J. Scott Savage; and Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith.

The Children's Library, which is their name for the children's books, seemed much bigger than the interior of our house. My mom remarked that this library is much nicer than the Webster Library, which we visited frequently over the summer. The last book I mentioned, Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith, even has instructions throughout the book for building the customized Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove, complete with an LED signal light, emergency alarm, sound/voice recorder, and UV secret-message revealer!

The all-new Irondequoit Public Library is a real gem in our community, at least in my opinion. If you get the chance to visit it, do so! It is definitely worth the trip, even if you don't live nearby. That just about wraps it up for today's post though, so be sure to visit again soon!

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