Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello and welcome to the second Politics Day on School Stories!

I watched the latest Republican debate, and I am sure some of you did as well. During "Donald Trump Bingo", Trump said everything on there except "C'mere and feel my hair". That may sound ridiculous enough, but he did say "Yooge!" (YOU-ju) (Huge!), "Stoopid", "They asked me for money", "Tremendous!", "I've turned down millions..." and "Ugly". He got blasted by Carly Fiorina about his comment on her face/persona, blasted the other candidates (as always), and had Dr. Ben Carson actually agree with him on something.

Now to switch topics to the Iowa Presidential Caucuses MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Today, I learned about the Iowa Straw Polls, past caucuses, and even learned a 2016 caucus timeline! Unfortunately, the straw polls have been canceled in 2015, and the past caucuses are, well, in the past, but the timeline is what really caught my eye. Here's a simplified version of my own design:

1 year early:  
-Decision is made by the National Committees to hold the caucuses (political event)

A few months early: 
 -Schedule the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary dates
 -Next two primaries take place in Nevada and South Carolina 
-Iowa = "Midwest,"
- New Hampshire = "Northeast,"
- Nevada = "West"/"Southwest" 
-South Carolina = "South." -
South Carolina is fighting schedule in 2016 (wants to go before Nevada)

January of election year:
  -need to fend off efforts by other states to “cut in line” and schedule theirs earlier than the caucuses
-caucuses are by definition the “first in the nation”
-New Hampshire primary MUST be the second event by agreement.
-Secretary of State of New Hampshire Bill Gardner will fight to the death to maintain sequence
 Prior to elections:

-events and fundraisers for candidates



 Thank you for visiting School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session), and I hope to see you tomorrow. Until then, goodbye!

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