Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Free Day: Art, Books & the Debate

Hello! Welcome to my blog's second FREE DAY! Today, a new manga coloring book came in the mail for me, as well as 48 gel pens. It has 31 pages of fun-to-color tear-out pages like a samurai, motorcyclist, and more!The gel pens have 2 metallic pens, 2 black pens, 12 glitter pens, and 6 swirl pens, which change color as they are used. 

With the arrival of my manga book came the start of a new class: Art. I spent about half an hour coloring the first picture, an inhuman fishing duo, to the best of my ability. In my opinion, it looks good, but is only about halfway done. My mom even joined me in Art, using her new grown up coloring book.

The book Inheritance by Christopher Paolini arrived in the mail as well. It is the final book in the Inheritance cycle, which includes Eragon (Book 1)Eldest (Book 2), and Brisingr (Book 3), all by Christopher Paolini.  It is the book that the Varden finally overthrow the evil King Galbatorix, Eragon saves the Edulnar√≠, and the magical land of Alaga√ęsia is freed at last from Galbatorix's evil reign. 

I look forward to reading it and hope you read my eventual review of Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and  Inheritance, as well as my next review of The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. Thanks to my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura, I am also going to Barnes & Noble this week to use my birthday gift card to choose more new books!

 Finally, we are going to watch the second Republican debate on TV tonight. I personally strongly dislike Donald Trump for a number of reasons, but I am aware that many people support him and even like him. I don't like how he talks to people and it seems like, from my point of view, that he plays dirty to win. During the debate, for fun, we will play Donald Trump "Bingo", where you mark a spot every time he says things like "Stoopid" or "Ugly".

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