Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Italian, Coding & Thai Food

Hello and welcome to this post! Today, I'll talk about what I'll be up to (educationally) over the summer. Here we go!

My online Italian course through Wellesley College in Massachusetts is one of the things that I'll be doing this summer. I am currently about halfway through and am making progress. I will undoubtedly finish by the end of summer vacation, so no worries there! There are 4 units, each containing 4 lessons followed by tests, a reading followed by a test, and an interview followed by a test. I am on Unit 3: Attività, sport e vacanze (Activities, sports, and holidays). I am going to make a prediction: I will be done with this course by the end of July.

One of the other things I'll be doing is coding in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Using CodePen, I am making a "Pen", or webpage, using HTML and CSS. One can also use JavaScript, but I am not opting to use it as of right now. The one thing that I am trying to learn is how to make a drop-down list/menu. Once I figure that out I can take the owner of Thai Mii Up up on her offer of designing her restaurant webpage in exchange for a week of free lunch. Considering how delicious their food is, that is a great deal!

Thank you for visiting School Stories (Where School Is ALWAYS In Session!) and I hope to see you again soon! If you want to see the "Pen" that I'm working on, I will put the link here. NOTE: the "Pen" is unfinished.

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